Best of both worlds: Craft room office ideas

by Carolyn Kraus 06/24/2024

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Is your home office also your craft room? Office ideas often complement craft room ideas and vice versa, making it a simple task to design a perfect space for both. Whether you want to set aside a small craft space or use an entire room, you can start with these ideas as inspiration:

Create a crafting corner

If space is limited, try building creative space inside a bedroom, shed or a workshop. No matter the size of the workspace, choose a sturdy desk with enough room to spread out. Place the desk in front of a window for a natural light source.

Consider dual-purpose lighting in a craft room/office

Lighting is vital in detailed crafting and work, so ensure that you place the worktable close to the windows and add adequate lighting. An overreaching floor light or clip light provides a quick solution to illuminate areas without window access.

Mix closed & open storage

Efficient home office storage is essential when planning for a home office or craft room. To maximize all the space, consider built-in floor-to-ceiling shelves fitting the architectural style. Using a mixture of open and closed storage can help you achieve a neat aesthetic while still providing easy access to tools and supplies.

Give yourself room to grow

When setting up storage in your crafting area, think about the tools you are likely to need over time. Do you have the space you need to expand your collection of materials? Some crafts and hobbies take up more space than others, so be mindful of the future of your office craft room.

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These are only a few ways to create a dedicated space for both crafting and working. Prioritize functionality without sacrificing a creative touch, and you'll find your new gorgeous space an inspiration all in itself.

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